What We’ve Danced

The table below lists what we’ve danced since Thursday 6 September 2018.  Click on the name of a dance to jump to its page in mystrathspey.org containing links to cribs and videos.

10-Jan-19New Year Jig32 Jig
10-Jan-19Winter Park32 Jig
10-Jan-19Snow White Strathspey32 Strathspey
10-Jan-19Mrs MacPhearson of Inveran32 Reel
10-Jan-19When Auld Friends Meet32 Strathspey
10-Jan-19Shiftin' Bobbins32 Reel
13-Dec-18The Old Man of Storr32 Reel
13-Dec-18Postie's Jig32 Jig
13-Dec-18Snow White Strathspey32 Strathspey
13-Dec-18New Year Jig32 Jig
13-Dec-18The Christmas Tree32 Reel
13-Dec-18Ramadance32 Reel
13-Dec-18Snowball Fight32 Reel
06-Dec-18The Sailor32 Reel
06-Dec-18The Paisley Weavers32 Strathspey
06-Dec-18Cramond Bridge32 Reel
06-Dec-18The Moudiewort32 Jig
06-Dec-18The Committee Meeting32 Reel
06-Dec-18Miss Ogilvie's Fancy32 Strathspey
06-Dec-18MacPhail's Magic32 Reel
06-Dec-18The Royal Wedding32 Strathspey
06-Dec-18Torridon Lassies40 Jig
29-Nov-18The Paisley Weavers32 Strathspey
29-Nov-18Cramond Bridge32 Reel
29-Nov-18The Montgomerie's Rant32 Reel
29-Nov-18The Moudiewort32 Jig
29-Nov-18The Moment of Truth32 Strathspey
29-Nov-18The Fireworks Reel32 Reel
29-Nov-18The Royal Wedding32 Strathspey
29-Nov-18Polharrow Burn32 Reel
22-Nov-18Kendall's Hornpipe32 Jig
22-Nov-18The Rutland Reel40 Reel
22-Nov-18Broadway32 Strathspey
22-Nov-18The Committee Meeting32 Reel
22-Nov-18The Paisley Weavers32 Strathspey
22-Nov-18Ray Milbourne32 Reel
15-Nov-18The Morrison Measure32 Reel
15-Nov-18Kendall's Hornpipe32 Jig
15-Nov-18The Machine Without Horses32 Jig
15-Nov-18The Sailor32 Reel
15-Nov-18The Moment of Truth32 Strathspey
15-Nov-18The Aviator32 Jig
15-Nov-18Broadway32 Strathspey
15-Nov-18MacPhail's Magic32 Reel
15-Nov-18A Trip to Bavaria32 Reel
08-Nov-18The Machine Without Horses32 Jig
08-Nov-18Monymusk32 Strathspey
08-Nov-18Happy returns32 Reel
08-Nov-18Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan32 Reel
08-Nov-18The Paisley Weavers32 Strathspey
08-Nov-18The Gilly Flower32 Jig
08-Nov-18Broadway32 Strathspey
08-Nov-18The Committee Meeting32 Reel
08-Nov-18Torridon Lassies40 Jig
25-Oct-18Sandy o'er the Lea32 Strathspey
25-Oct-18Bill Clement MBE32 Jig
25-Oct-18The Findlays' Jig32 Jig
25-Oct-18Miss Hadden's Reel32 Jig
25-Oct-18The Paisley Weavers32 Strathspey
25-Oct-18The Sailor32 Reel
25-Oct-18The Montgomerie's Rant32 Reel
25-Oct-18Miss Ogilvie's Fancy32 Strathspey
25-Oct-18Welcome to Ayr32 Jig
25-Oct-18Golden Spires32 Jig
25-Oct-18The Rutland Reel40 Reel
18-Oct-18The Findlays' Jig32 Jig
18-Oct-18Miss Hadden's Reel32 Jig
18-Oct-18EH3 7AF32 Jig
18-Oct-18The Deil amang the Tailors32 Reel
18-Oct-18The Moudiewort32 Jig
18-Oct-18Ca' the Ewes tae the Knowes32 Strathspey
18-Oct-18MacPhail's Magic32 Reel
18-Oct-18Dark Lochnagar32 Strathspey
18-Oct-18The Royal Yatch Britannia40 Reel
11-Oct-18Ca' the Ewes tae the Knowes32 Strathspey
11-Oct-18The Deil amang the Tailors32 Reel
11-Oct-18Catch the Wind32 Reel
11-Oct-18The Provost Wynd32 Reel
11-Oct-18The Highland Rambler40 Reel
11-Oct-18Monymusk32 Strathspey
11-Oct-18The Zoologist32 Jig
11-Oct-18Dark Lochnagar32 Strathspey
11-Oct-18Torridon Lassies40 Jig
04-Oct-18The Provost Wynd32 Reel
04-Oct-18Monymusk32 Strathspey
04-Oct-18Catch the Wind32 Reel
04-Oct-18Cramond Bridge32 Reel
04-Oct-18Butterscotch and Honey32 Strathspey
04-Oct-18The Royal Wedding32 Strathspey
04-Oct-18MacPhail's Magic32 Reel
04-Oct-18Polharrow Burn32 Reel
27-Sep-18Cumberland Reel32 Jig
27-Sep-18The Wind that Shakes the Barley32 Reel
27-Sep-18The Sailor32 Reel
27-Sep-18Seann Triubas Willichan32 Strathspey
27-Sep-18Not on database … Golden Spires32 Jig
27-Sep-18Scotch Mist32 Strathspey
27-Sep-18The Immigrant Lass32 Jig
20-Sep-18The Luckenbooth Brooch32 Jig
20-Sep-18The Old Man of Storr32 Reel
20-Sep-18The Moment of Truth32 Strathspey
20-Sep-18The Findlays' Jig32 Jig
20-Sep-18The Torridon Lassies40 Jig
20-Sep-18Sugar Candie32 Strathspey
13-Sep-18The Rutland Reel40 Reel
13-Sep-18The Happy Weasel32 Jig
13-Sep-18Miss Ogilvie's Fancy32 Strathspey
13-Sep-18The Zoologist32 Jig
13-Sep-18The Paisley Weavers32 Strathspey
13-Sep-18The Moudiewort32 Jig
13-Sep-18Cramond Bridge32 Reel
13-Sep-18Good Hearted Glasgow32 Jig
13-Sep-18St Andrew's Fair32 Jig
13-Sep-18Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel32 Jig
06-Sep-18Ramadan-ce32 Reel
06-Sep-18The Committee Meeting32 Reel
06-Sep-18The Moment of Truth32 Strathspey
06-Sep-18The Rutland Reel40 Reel
06-Sep-18The Montgomeries' Rant32 Reel
06-Sep-18The Paisley Weavers32 Strathspey
06-Sep-18The Sailor32 Reel
06-Sep-18Cramond Bridge32 Reel

To see only what we danced on a particular date, type the first few characters of the date into the box at the bottom of the table on the left-hand side.  Similarly, to see when we danced a particular dance, type a few characters of its name into the box under the middle column, and to see what dances of a particular type we have danced, type a few characters of the type of dance into the box on the right-hand side.

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